"FOKUSI" aims to increase personal faith and growth of the participating churches.

The vision of “FOKUSI” is that Christians and churches will deepen their faith and put it in practice in the contacts they have with people in their neighborhood.

 "FOKUSI" has developed various materials itself, but also offers courses in cooperation other partners.

1. “FOKUSI” Series

Përqendrohuni te Jezusi

 This material for groups is intended to start a reflection process for churches on how we can be a missional church with a renewed focus on Jesus Christ. This series of "FOKUSI" is like a path we walk together. There are in total six books, so that the complete trajectory lasts for about 2 years.

"FOKUSI" is a learning process that aims to encourage two movements:

  • A movement inward, toward the heart of the church, and toward our personal heart. We will talk in depth about who God is in our lives. We will also talk about the meaning of knowing Jesus and living with him. How can we be faithful witnesses today? This is a question primarily about our personal faith. How can we connect our faith with our daily lives: with our work, with our family, with our neighborhood, with our friends? In short: how can we relate our faith in the place and role God has assigned us.
  • The second movement is about a renewed movement outward. We open our eyes, our hearts, and our lives to the people around us. Especially to people who still do not know Jesus. We will look for this external movement from the beginning of this "FOKUSI" trajectory. In each book we will look for how we can be involved in a practical and active way, so it will not be just an endless reflection and discussion.

2. Online Bible Courses

Kurse biblike

Anyone wishing to learn more about the Bible is invited to attend online courses (for free). You may start by clicking on this link. It is necessary to register to have a personal mentor who will check your answers and to whom you can ask personal questions.

A certificate is issued at the end of each course. These courses are organized in cooperation with the organization "GlobalRize", which proclaims the Gospel through the Internet. There are millions of people being reached all over the world. GlobalRize works extensively, through social media messaging and one-on-one, through electronic courses.

3.  “Freedom in Christ” course

Liria ne Krishtin

This course is offered in cooperation with the partner organization "Freedom in Christ Ministries Albania" (FICMA) , which aims to equip the churches so that they can make fruitful disciples. The discipleship course has been developed based on the two books “Victory Over Darkness” and “The Deliverer from Slavery”, by Neil T. Anderson.

The course has been used in more than 4000 churches worldwide. Freedom in Christ wants to provide churches with training for group leaders on how to start a discipleship course.
There is also the "Grace Course" and "Free to lead". These courses will help every leader to find freedom from every dark fortress that fights leadership. It is a help to all pastors to protect themselves from the so-called "burnout" as well as the spiritual crises that accompany leadership.

4. Courses for leaders and members of the church

Studimi Induktiv i Bibles

At the request of local churches, "FOKUSI" offers courses for church members and leaders with a wide variety of topics. These courses are offered in the local churches in partnership with the “Bible Institute of Albania (IBSH)  and with various teachers.

"FOKUSI" supports intensive training of church leaders through the International School of Theology and Leadership (ISTL) Bible School, with which it has close cooperation.

Aad duke dhene mesim

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Anyone wishing to learn more about the Bible may attend the online courses (for free). You can start by clicking the button.

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