"FOKUSI" is a program that aims to increase personal faith and growth of the participating evangelical churches in Albania and Kosovo.

About Us


"FOKUSI" is a program that aims to increase personal faith and growth of the participating evangelical churches in Albania and Kosovo.

The vision of “FOKUSI” is that Christians and churches will deepen their faith and put it in practice in the contacts they have with people in their neighborhood.
These goals can be achieved through good cooperation with various organizations and through training.

Currently 12 local churches are participating in the "FOKUSI" program. Other churches that are interested are invited to contact us through the contact form.

This program is carried out under the responsibility of the Dutch organization GZB, which has been active in Albania and Kosovo for many years. The coordinators of "FOKUSI" are Aad van der Maas and Elti Bodinaku.

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A new series: “Focus on Jesus”

This material for groups is intended to start a reflection process for churches on how we can be a missionary church with a new focus on Jesus Christ.

Përqendrohuni te Jezusi

Learn more about our courses

"FOKUSI" has developed various materials, but also offers courses in collaboration with other partners.

Our Partners

“FOKUSI” works together with many partner organizations because “FOKUSI” is convinced that we can strengthen each other by working together.

Permanent partner organizations are: 

International School of Theology and Leadership (ISTL)

equipping leaders

Instituti Biblik i Shqipërisë (IBSH)

books and equipping believers and leaders

Freedom in Christ Ministries Albania FICMA

equipping believers and leaders

GlobalRize / Biblword

online Bible courses

Bashkësia e Ungjillëzimit të fëmijëve e Shqipërisë (BUFSH)

 materials and training for leaders of children and teenage groups

Klinika ABC

seminars on hygiene, medical education etc. Medical outreaches

Banka e ushqimit

food aid for people in need

Teen Challenge Albania

Support and information on addiction



books and discipleship

Gereformeerde Zendingsbond (GZB)

Gereformeerde Zendingsbond (GZB)

finances "FOKUSI” and establishes contacts between churches in Albania / Kosovo and The Netherlands

Inwendige Zendingsbond (IZB)

composed the original course material of "FOKUSI"


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